Annie  Slaughter

Annie Slaughter

Her father taught her everything that he knew;

How life works and what she could do.

Life and death, right from wrong,

when life gets tough, just relax and play along.

People didn’t seem to understand

the interests that they shared.

But they always had each other;

for what others thought, they never really cared.

She was the only one that really knew

the man behind the mask.

He was tough as nails but he would cry

when he read to her bedtime fairy-tales.

They called her Annie Slaughter

She was the hangman’s daughter

She was the apple of her father’s eye

She was always there by his side.  

She filled his heart full of pride.

They shared a love of  homicide.

So small and cute, but very astute.

so never take for granted the things she could do.

She was shy and timid and unassuming,

but with a swing of her axe she could slice a grown man in two.

Iron Maiden and Brazen Bull;

she loved all her father’s torture tools.

She'd make the prettiest hangman’s noose,

Tied 'em real tight so they never get loose!

He taught her all about poisons,

like nightshade and hemlock    

But that was too mundane for her

she felt more at home at the chopping block...

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