The Ibis Pirate

The Ibis Pirate

Our story's about deeds that were done
Back in the year two thousand and twenty-one
in a war between the rich and the poor
Like you've never heard before

The graceful Swans were noble.
Born from royal blood
The Ibis were commoners
their homes were built from sticks in the mud.

The swans did look so graceful
perched upon their royal nest
'Twas remiss of them to forget
what the ibis did do best

For the Ibis were a resourceful bunch
They steal and eat bin trash for lunch
A band of misfits lead by the ruthless Blackbeak
And a new home they did seek

Hi ho fiddle dee!
Can you hear us shout?
We are the Ibis Pirates
It's what were all about!

We are ibis and we pilage
Were scoundrels through and through
You may not believe this story.
But we promise that its true.


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