Think Different

Hey, nice work there humans, you’ve truly evolved.

Your utopian pursuits have all been resolved!

It seems marketing and advertising is what sets you apart.

Us animals can’t pull off that $hit, nooooo we just don’t have the smarts.

Like the “Think Different” campaign of global accord,

Take no notice of the irony once you all jumped on board.

But it served its purpose, so you start over again;

It’s “Thinking” caps on to create a new ad campaign.

And then you say this is good due to the jobs it creates,

‘cause the money’s all worth serving the hamster wheel fate.

Your brands make things easy, consumers shouldn’t have to think hard.

Just exploit their emotions and they’ll buy into the facade.

Now maybe I’m stupid and a little confused,

But could it be your smart minds might be being misused?

Manipulation and exploitation, all for individual gain?

That seems disappointing to me and even a shame!

Hey maybe if I was human, I’d feel envy and want to be just like you?

But I’m not really sure I want to live in that zoo!

My utopian world is a place is where we all can succeed,

One without all the bull$hit, manipulation and greed.

Where compassion and respect is what defines success.

One where the environment is not in such a big mess.

Where we pedestal nature and all living things,

Not materialistic pursuits, seeking to live like fat kings.

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